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  • Partners wanted around
  • the world with local
  • knowledge of thermal
  • oxidisers to develop our
  • expanding network.
  • Please contact us
  • for more information.
  • 10,000 Nm3/h RTO
  • 15,000 Nm3/h RTO
  • 25,000 Nm3/h RTO

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Independent advice on abatement installations

Process load assessment

Dryer Optimisation to reduce size/running cost of abatement

Abatement performance assessment

VOC emissions monitoring

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Design and manufacture of VOC concentrators for oxidisation or recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds.


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How Abatement-Exchange.com works...

Used Abatement for Sale Used Abatement Sold Used Abatement for Sale Used Abatement Sold Used Abatement for Sale Used Abatement Sold

Abatement-Exchange.com provides a hub for members to buy and sell directly with expert technical back-up. This maximises the chances of getting the right VOC abatement plant at a fair price.

Membership and technical support by phone and email is free with the only cost being a nominal charge for listing the equipment for sale.

Abatement-Exchange.com has extensive exposure in the marketplace with extensive advertising in selected trade magazines, search websites, etc. 

Currently, there are 392 units listed worldwide. 





1. You can view the headline information on the Home page and Abatement Listing page without logging in

2. To view all details, you must register as a member and be logged-in - it is free!

3. You have access to a the unique and extensive Abatement Buying Guide for your personal use. This will be an invaluable tool to help you select the right equipment with confidence

4. Go to the Used Abatement For Sale page

5. You can immediately see the headline information and status of all listed units

6. You can sort the listing by airflow capacity, abatement type or country location

7. Select a unit to view all the technical, installation and commercial details

8. There are useful extensive help buttons alongside each item to explain technical items

9. If you have an interest in any particular unit, then you contact us and we will process your enquiry

10. Technical back-up by phone and email is unlimited and freely available at any time

11. If you can't find what you are looking for then contact us anyway. It maybe that an appropriate unit has not been listed yet or maybe we could suggest a suitable alternative

12. If you register your interest in your personal preferences, you can receive immediate email alerts of new listings which will include headline information


1. You must first register as a member at Join the Club and be issued a password - it is free!

2. Log in to Abatement-Exchange.com

3. Go to List Your equipment

4. You can either enter your details directly to the on-screen questionnaire. However, you are strongly advised first to download a questionnaire. This allows you time to assemble all the relevant information to avoid time-out then enter it later or send the questionnaire to us and we will enter it for you

5. The information will be technically reviewed and any queries clarified

6. You will be invoiced for the listing

7. On receipt of payment, your listing will be made and you will receive a confirmation email

8. You will be immediately informed by email of any enquiry

9. Technical assistance by phone and email is freely available at any time to assist both you and the buyer to get suitable deals....a win-win situation

Joining the Club

Joining the club is free and as member, you will have unlimited access to the following benefits...

1. View detailed listings

2. Free technical support by telephone or email

3. List your equipment for sale for a nominal listing fee

4. Access to our invaluable Abatement Buying Guide

5. Receive email alerts when new equipment is listed

To apply, you can enter your details on the link Join the Club or simply email us your vcf 'business card' from Outlook and we will do it for you. See our Privacy Policy regarding storing your personal details.

You can save time and apply on behalf of your colleagues who might also have an interest.

Once your membership is approved, you will be sent a password which you can change at any time you log in. You can change or update your personal details or preferences at any time at Change My Personal Details.