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We can help with new equipment, as well...


Most customers do not fully understand their requirements such as capacity, technology type and specification of abatement plant and so purchasing decisions often become subjective and not objective. Our extensive knowledge and experience of the applications together with worldwide contacts in the industry ensures that we can source the right equipment at the right price for you.

There are many considerations to take into account including if the plant should be used or new. Clearly, capital cost is a major factor to any business but careful consideration should also be given to running costs, service requirements, reliability, back-up, monitoring, etc. as well as ultimately satisfying the permitted emission limits.

The options are explained independently so you can make objective decisions based on full understanding.

We can help source a RTO (regenerative thermal oxidiser), solvent recovery plant, catalytic oxidiser, bio-filter, wet scrubber, concentrator or CEMS (continuous emissions monitoring system). 

It is important for us to understand your site requirements to determine what you need which may be different to what you think you need. We can also assess your production for efficiency and if there could be benefit from process optimisation to reduce the size/cost of the plant and also importantly running costs.


Solvent recovery plant Solvent recovery plant Solvent recovery plant



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