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Solvent Recovery Plant

You buy the solvent not the plant

A new innovative packaged type of solvent recovery plant is now available using innovative vacuum technology with low airflow capacity of up to 100,000 Nm³/h.

The plant is installed free of charge but you buy back the recycled solvent for your direct use. With the right operating conditions where more than 300 tonnes of solvents are used, it could have a payback as little as 2-3 years. The cost of recovered solvent is less than the market price while purity is comparable. Suitable applications could include flexographic, gravure, lamination, coating or lacquering particularly when operating consistently over 24/7.

Solvent recovery plant is a green technology with low CO2 emissions, satisfies B.A.T. (Best Available Technology) and is welcomed by Environmental Authorities. The plant is installed against a Service Contract being tailored to suit site conditions and requirements. The solvent is recovered to tanks or IBC’s as required. Also, the running costs of solvent recovery plant will be lower than other technologies such as RTO’s.

If you would like more information and an assessment of viability, please contact us with details of your operation.


Solvent recovery plant Solvent recovery plant Solvent recovery plant



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